Data Interoperability in Agriculture

Megan Shahan, a regenerative food and agriculture consultant with The Mixing Bowl, Better Food Ventures and TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation authored this recent Farm Foundation Issue Report on “Data Interoperability in Agriculture”

Interoperability is the ability to exchange and make use of data between devices and systems.


Interoperable data is all around us—we seamlessly share data across different computers and mobile phones to shop online, navigate streets, share pictures, stream videos, make payments, calendar events, and track our health and wellness. But not long ago, it was not possible to share a Microsoft Word document to an Apple computer, easily display websites on any browser, use your bank card at any ATM, or even send a text message across different wireless carriers.

While digital agriculture innovations have enabled data collection at unprecedented scale, the ability to move data between devices and systems remains a sticking point across the industry. As a result…

You can download the full report here.